"Passes of the Pyrenees" (PoP)
September 1-10, 2008

Ride the legendary mountain stages of the Tour de France (Tourmalet, Aubisque, Aspin, etc.) to help raise funds for Native Planet!

On this tour, cyclists will ride the daily distances and elevation as marked in this first table although occasionally; a first or last mountain pass may be skipped. Stronger riders may wish to ride the few optional climbs listed in the second table. Day 4, a Rest Day in the spectacular mountain setting of Gavarnie, the jewel of the Pyrenees, may also be spent in the village, hiking to the 3,000 ft high waterfall or riding to the Port of Boucharo or Cirque du Troumouse.

Total distance and elevation:

Elevation Gain (feet)
Day 1  Optional  
Day 2  107  9,897
Day 3  68  9,639
Day 4 (Rest Day)  Optional  
Day 5  70  9,928
Day 6  70  9,830
Day 7  74  10,129
Day 8  59  9,294
Day 9  64  5,246
Total  512  63,963

Optional Climbs:

    Distance RT
Elevation Gain
Day 1 Col d'Ibardin (Spain)  17  1,500
Day 2 Luz Ardiden  17  3,412
Day 4 Port de Boucharo  15  2,953
Day 4 Cirque du Troumouse
(from Gèdre)
 16  2,625
Day 7 Tour Madeloc  12  1,640
Total    60  10,630

List of the Mountain Passes:

  • Col de St Ignace 169m, col de Pinodieta 176m, col d'Haltza 782m, col de BurdinKurutcheta 1135m, col de Bargargui 1327m
  • Col de Marie Blanque 1037m, Col d'Aubisque 1709m, Col du Soulor 1474m (& Luz Ardiden)
  • Rest Day -or- (Port de Boucharo and/or Cirque du Troumouse)
  • Col du Tourmalet 2115m, Col d'Aspin 1489m, Col de Peyresourde 1569m
  • (Col du Portillon 1320m), Col de Menté 1349m, Col du Portet d'Aspet 1069m, (Col de la Core 1395m)
  • Col de Latrape 1111m, Col d'Agnes 1570m, Port de Lers 1517m, (Pas de Souloumbrie 911m, Col de Marmare 1361m, Col de Chioula 1449m)
  • Port de Pailhiere 2001m, Col de Garavel 1256m, Col de Jau 1506m
  • Col de Palomere 1036m, Col de Xatard 720, (Tour de Madeloc 485m)

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