Discover Mentawai Culture

Positive, productive cultural visits with the Mentawai people require interest in cultural diversity and willingness to learn. Visitors who choose to participate in the Mentawai’s everyday tribal life will discover an indigenous people proud to share their ancient culture, despite the threat of cultural assimilation posed by encroaching modernity.

This jungle visit will help you understand the strong ties within the community of this animist rainforest tribe and those between the clan, the spirits of their ancestors and the forest. It is a unique opportunity to learn how the Mentawai live in harmony with the natural world and to understand how and why this balance is threatened. We believe that after your immersion in the daily tribal life of the Mentawai, you, too, will want to help them.

Have a once-in-a-lifetime personal experience: join Native Planet Adventures and Jean-Philippe on a journey through time to meet the Mentawai!

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