Jean-Philippe Soulé

A passion for people, travel, cultures, mountains and cycling

French by birth, Jean-Philippe served in a commando unit in both mountain rescue and as an Alps mountain guide. After leaving France and working 5 years in management for Microsoft in Seattle, he spent 11 years traveling and leading various expeditions in Asia and Latin America before founding Native Planet while leading the last year of a 3 1/2 year sea kayak expedition from Mexico to Panama.

When Jean-Philippe returned to Seattle to run Native Planet, he co-founded the Native Planet Outdoor club to combine his love of sports and meeting new people with his need to promote and raise funds for Native Planet and for its humanitarian and cultural preservation projects. Jean-Philippe is also a professional travel photographer who sells his images to National Geographic, the United Nations and other major publishers and works as a consultant and guide to documentary films of traditional indigenous people.

"I particularly love riding in rural France: the low-traffic, winding roads, charming medieval villages and lofty mountains create endless cycling possibilities. Place after place has a unique landscape, character and culture and the locals are genuinely friendly, down-to-earth people. It's my land and I love to share it!"

All tours and services offered by Native Planet Adventures benefit indigenous people and Native Planet.

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