Movies and Other Documentaries

The success of a documentary project depends first upon the expertise of those who prepare the way. Effective communication with people from different religions, cultures and lifestyles is one of the biggest challenges that movie production companies or professional photographers face. Jean-Philippe's genuine interest in meeting people and learning about their cultures; his extensive language skills (English, French, Japanese, Indonesian, Spanish) and his longtime experience in planning, organizing and leading extreme expeditions make it easy for him to negotiate the complex logistics of providing vehicles, personnel and supplies for on-site filming.

Jean-Philippe is also available to help you when the multitude of necessary arrangements has been made and you are ready to capture the exciting images you desire. Jean-Philippe, a master storyteller, has a charismatic on-camera presence that captures both the attention and the empathy of international audiences and his images, many of which have been published internationally, reflect the depth of his commitment to photographic quality and empathic representations of exotic lands and cultures.

Jean-Philippe is available to work in any or all of the following positions: consultant, guide, on-screen presence, communication manager or logistics manager.

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