Documentary Assignments:

As a professional extreme travel photographer, Jean-Philippe focuses on capturing the essences of cultures and places, especially in the remotest areas of our planet. Published in National Geographic and by the United Nations and other major publications, he has also been nominated 16 times for the International Photo Awards. We often hear that Jean-Philippe's love for people shines through his photography, offering viewers an intimate window on the cultures he documents; he is available for any travel photography assignments, with a preference for cultural documentaries and remote destinations.

A sample of his work can be seen at

Expedition Coverage  

When you're about to go on the expedition of a lifetime, and need an inspired professional photographer to document it, Jean-Philippe will combine his travel, sport and guiding experience with his photography skills to capture your ultimate adventure!

Contact us for inspiring photo documentaries or to bring home stunning images of your ultimate expedition, raid or adventure.

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