Professional Mentawai Media Project Services:

The Mentawai culture remains one of the world's most traditional and fascinating due in large part to their suspicion of any kind of professional documentation; they only allow people to make these types of records through preceding arrangements that guarantee fair compensation for the value of their pristine culture to the western world. In addition, Siberut, a remote Indonesian island hosting one of the planet's most dense and humid rainforests, makes reaching the traditional clans with the necessary professional equipment very challenging. There is no electricity and all food, drinking water and other required equipment must be transported from the mainland.

However, if encountering the Mentawai is in your plans and dreams, you're in luck! Jean-Philippe Soulé is in a unique position to ensure that the Mentawai will welcome your full team and that you will be provided with all the services necessary to ensure the successful professional documentation of their culture.

If you want stellar project successes like Native Planet's Mentawai Flash Presentation or the French film documentary by Fredric Lopez contact us now for more information about Professional Mentawai Media Packages.

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