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How does NP Adventures benefit Native Planet and the Mentawai?

A large amount from the Mentawai Tours is returned to the Mentawai and Native Planet. Each Mentawai visit, in addition to directly assisting the Mentawai community, by providing work and training to educated youngs, an income to traditional clans, and wedges to other Mentawai like porters, cooks, and boat captains, also finance a Native Planet project to assist the Mentawai. Your visit is a win-win situation, your experience of a lifetime, that also brings true help to the community. Visit the Native Planet MCEA project to learn more about how your visit benefits the Mentawai.

Mentawai Cultural Photo Documentary


Visit the amazing, unassimilated, traditional Mentawai people as they work, play and worship in their own way—in their own world.

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