Meet the Mentawai

Why is it a once-in-a-lifetime experience?

The Mentawai people have one of the most fascinating and best-preserved ancient cultures in the world and only Native Planet Adventures can offer visitors the opportunity to experience the warmth and welcome of the Mentawai people as the guest of an adopted family member. This is not a commercial tour but an opportunity to personally participate in this engaging culture: when you travel to Siberut with Jean-Philippe, you will be received as an honored guest. Your visit will change your vision of life forever.

How do the Mentawai benefit?

Your visit offers the entire clan an excellent income: it is a realistic and sustainable alternative to seeking menial jobs in the cities or allowing the commercial harvest of their ancestral rainforest. It shows the Mentawai government the importance of preserving their own culture by supporting our team of university-educated Mentawai guides who are dedicated to facilitating Mentawai self-empowerment and cultural protection. And, in addition, it also helps finance Native Planet’s Mentawai humanitarian projects.

Won’t too much tourism negatively impact the Mentawai?

Absolutely yes! That is why we offer only one or two opportunities to visit per year to a maximum number of 8 guests each trip. Contact us for additional information about our future expeditions.

The Experience of a Lifetime!

In addition to supporting the local economy in a sustainable way, your visit to the Mentawai with Native Planet Adventures helps fund Native Planet’s humanitarian projects to help the Mentawai.

12-Day Visit — $4,943 (based on group from 6 to 8 people).

Discover the wonderful people you will meet during your visit through this Mentawai Flash Presentation or the French film documentary by Fredric Lopez. Tour size is limited.  Contact us now to reserve your spot for this exclusive Mentawai experience.

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